Dec 29 2008

What's the catch?

As the primary means of transportation in the jungle region of Peru is motorcycle, we decided to include a free wash as part of our daily outreaches.  And by this point we were in the full swing of things, having hosted a family festival for about 500 kids and moms and visited the local hospital to pray for people and pass out food.  For the motocarro wash, we divided into two teams in different parts of town.

As we began to work, having a lot of fun and trying to keep the soaking of friends to a minimum Smile, the owners of the motorcycles and motocarros began to approach me and ask why we do what we do.  This is one of my favorite questions, because I find the answer never ceases to surprise the inquiring person.  And I love the answer-"Because we're here to show you we love you, and so does God.  We're doing this to serve you.  No catch.  We don't want anything."  And where you'd think the conversation would end, somehow the knowledge that nothing is obligatory often provides the security to begin a real and honest conversation.  And as I talked with Rosita for the next half hour about her family, her faith, and her history, I became amazed at the power of-"I'm doing this to show you that I love you, and so does God."

So today, do something to show someone you love them as our Lord does. No catch.

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